Weekly Roundup #37 – New Maker Products // News

This week’s Weekly Roundup there’s a number of new SBCs announced as well as a battle between several companies wanting to dominate the IoT market.


First up on Kickstarter, there’s …

Freeplay Zero

WR-NMP37p1the Freeplay campaign is a kit that allows you to build a handheld RetroPi device. There’s two models; the Freeplay Zero, which runs on the Pi Zero and the Freeplay CM3, which uses the Pi3 Compute Module. The Freeplay Zero kit comes with these bits, but you’ll need to supply these. The Freeplay CM3 is apparently still in prototype stage.

eLab Peers eBOT ARM

WR-NMP37p2The eBOT arm is a small robotic arm built around what looks like SG90 servos, a CSR Bluetooth module, 8 channel servo controller, 6 knobs for control and an Einsboard, which is in an Arduino form factor. Looks like a simple but well planned product.

UP Core

WR-NMP37p3Of course I just missed the Up Core campaign in my last Weekly Roundup.

The Up guys are stepping up the pace with this new board and are starting to be the main driving force behind x86 based SBCs. Based on the quad core Intel Atom x5-Z8350 CPU, with 1, 2 or 4G RAM, 16, 32 or 64G eMMC, HDMI, eDP, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB2.0, USB3.0, RTC, PCIe2 and all the usual GPIO options via a 100pin docking connector. It’s powered by DC jack and has a well needed fan connector. All in a tiny 66×56 mm board at 69 euros for the 1G module.

DUO Travel

WR-NMP37p4The Duo Travel is a good idea if you want to do some coding on the run. Contains an ATmega328 with, 16 by 2 LCD screen and 32KB of EEPROM. They have their own pseudo programming language, with a few maths primitives to code up some basic programs.

Audio Injector Zero

WR-NMP37p5This would interest one of my subscribers. The Audio Injector Zero is a sound card that fits on to the Pi Zero. Has stereo in and out via RCA connectors and electret mic that you’ll need to source and solder yourself. Capable of handling 96kHz 32bit audio.


WR-NMP37p6At the other end of the spectrum is the Chazwazza, which is a self contained 2 port vector network analyzer. The price looks steep, but is actually pretty decent considering these types of devices cost a whole lot more. Capable of a number of graphs such as dB magnitude, Smith Charts and Voltage Standing Wave Ratio. If you’re in to RF, might be worth checking out.


WR-NMP37p7While we’re on RF. The ZiGate is a USB to ZigBee gateway. Contains a USB to TTL board attached to a ZigBee module. Capable of talking to a range of Home Automation products already such as; Pluzzy, Philips, Osram and IKEA.

The Oscilloscope Clock V

WR-NMP37p8A nice bit of retro for this next one. This creator has made several of these. He’s now back with version 5 of his oscilloscope clock. This new version contains a GPS module for accurate time syncing. There’s several pledges; from just the control board all the way up to a fully assembled clock.


And IndieGoGo has nothing really. Shame.


Crowd Supply does, though.

BIOMIO Sidekick

WR-NMP37p9The BIOMIO Sidekick is in pre-launch status and provides biometric sensing, NFC, RFID and smart card reader. Could be potentially used in door locks or password protection. No more details apart from that.