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NanoPC-T4: No room for anything else. // Review

In this article I'll be taking a look at the newly released NanoPC-T4 from the friendliest SBC makers on the market. I'll be running through the usual lineup of tests that I do, but I reckon this board deserves two articles. So, this is Part 1.

Pine64: Is it worth your money? // Review

Is the new Pine64 really worth your had earned money? Can it generate enough momentum to take over the king of SBCs, the Raspberry Pi 3?

In this review we'll be unboxing and running it through it's paces to see if it really is worth buying.

The new Raspberry Pi 3

Seems that the Raspberry Pi Foundation has risen to the challenge of the flood of “look-alikes” hitting the market. Is the new Raspberry Pi 3 enough to fulfil the needs of Makers that these other boards have been filling up until now? Let's see….

Weekly Roundup #58: New Maker Products // News

This is yet another Weekly Roundup of New Maker Products, but going back to the old time-slot of Wednesday. I'll be interleaving it with my other mid-week videos, so it's technically not a Weekly Roundup, but anyway… On with the show.

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