Weekly Roundup #56: New Maker Products // News

This week’s roundup of new maker products looks at a bunch of new SBCs: Renegade Elite, ClearFog GT 8K, Banana Pi BPI-P2 Zero, BPI-R64, BPI-M2+ V1.2 & Khadas Edge. As well as the Google Edge TPU, and a bunch of cool things from Tindie.

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WR-NMP56p1Over at Kickstarter you can pick up a tiny castellated module with a SAMD21 onboard. This is actually a pretty good idea as it handles all the support components for you such as reset button, 3.3v regulator, LEDs, crystal and filter caps. All you have to do is solder up the 22 by 18mm board and you’re home and hosed. The creator has also come out with an Arduino compatible PCB that you can solder it to.


WR-NMP56p2This campaign is yet another debugger for a Cortex-M MCU. However this one claims to not only provide programming and debugging capabilities, but provide ZeroWireTrace, full GDB support, gang-loading for mini-production runs, multi-core support, lua based scripting and support for new MCUs can be provided without firmware updates. Nice! Another one I think I’ll back.


WR-NMP56p3Here’s another Arduino shield that seems to have the lot. It provides a small breadboard area as well as dual headers on every pin so you can wire up your circuit while keeping an oscilloscope attached. Every GPIO also has an LED indicating the current state with very minimal pullups to avoid loading and can indicate pulses down to 1mS.

Raspberry Pi MEGA-IO

WR-NMP56p4The MEGA-IO is a hat that provides a bunch of expansion options for your Pi. There’s opto-isolated digital inputs and outputs, 0 to 10v analog inputs and outputs, open-drain outputs, RS485, CAN, 1 wire, RTC and 240v/10A relays. Basically it has the lot.


WR-NMP56p5OK, I originally thought that was just yet another fume extractor thingy, but heck, this one has a PCB driving it. It no only provides PWM control over a small extraction fan, but auto-shutdown and charging of an 18650 battery. You can charge via USB or also by a Qi pad. Nice.


Over at IndieGoGo there’s actually something interesting going on.

Renegade Elite

WR-NMP56p6The Libre Computer guys have released another SBC called the Renegade Elite. This one runs the hexa-core Rockchip RK3399 SoC with 4G DDR4 RAM, eMMC socket, SD, SPI flash, GbE supporting PoE, (which is becoming become absolutely essential these days), USB Type C, (supporting both power and DisplayPort), HDMI, eDP, MIPI-CSI, RTC, IR and two 60 pin headers. One which supports PCIe and the other for low speed GPIOs. At US$99 it’s pretty cool for the base SBC.


Over at CrowdSupply in pre-launch …

Pixblasters Video LED Controller

WR-NMP56p7… there’s the PixBlaster. This is an FPGA based RGB LED controller that is capable of controlling up to 16,384 WS2812 based RGB LEDs at 60 FPS. Wow. Not only that, but you can daisy chain multiple controllers which, (they claim), can control up to hundreds of thousands of LEDs. Supports most digital signage software and also plain HDMI input.


WR-NMP56p8This is a pretty cool tiny spider robot. Made from 3D printed parts, SG90 servos and an ATmega328 as the brains. Each of the legs also has an ATtiny84 controlling the servo, an an optical sensor and piezo speaker, so I’m gathering it makes it easily extendable. It also has LiPo charging supporting a 250mAh battery.


WR-NMP56p9Another tiny board. The Blyst Nano runs an nRF52832 MCU and breaks out 30 GPIOs on a tiny 10 by 7mm board.


Over at Groupgets …

Espressif ESP32 Development Board

WR-NMP56p10Espressif have their ESP32 dev board up pretty cheaply. Only US$14. Nice.

ESP8266 Power Switch

WR-NMP56p11And a contender to the Sonoff devices is this ESP8266 based power switch, but with a well needed glass fuse for protection.

Elektor Uno R4

WR-NMP56p12You can also pick up the Elektor Uno R4 which runs the upgraded ATmega328PB, This gives you additional UARTs, SPI, I2C, PWM, timers and OCM.