Weekly Roundup #55: New Maker Products // News


There’s a bunch of new stuff over at my favourite Maker store, Tindie.


WR-NMP55p24This is yet another board providing an interface to the Pi3B plus’ PoE capability. Allows a PoE voltage level of 37 to 57v and provides a steady 5v at 2.5A max to the Pi.

Super Mini Solar LiPo Charger

WR-NMP55p25This next one is a breakout for the CM3065 Solar LiPo charger IC. It can charge a LiPo at up to 500mA from a 6v solar panel input, whilst providing a continuous 5v out.

Joystick Board

WR-NMP55p26If you’re running out of buttons, then this one gives you no excuse. Running a 144 pin STM32, it pushes out 108 GPIOs to be used for joysticks and buttons. Not only that, but it provides a USB HID interface for up to 4 joysticks.

TinyPi Pro

WR-NMP55p27If you’re in to games, the TinyPi Pro is the next revision of the TinyPi. It’s not yet for sale, but a place marker. This is planned to have a higher res 240×240 screen and LiPo battery charging and management to run off a Pi Zero. Looks cool.

Game Boy Null Kit

WR-NMP55p28and then there’s the Game Boy Null, which runs an ili9341 LCD screen, TP4056 LiPo charger and lots of buttons to mash.

Scroll Wheel

WR-NMP55p29Speaking of buttons… I’m always looking for unusual or interesting input devices.
This is one of them. It’s a fairly simple breakout for a 360 rotational encoder, with four way direction and central buttons.
Might pick a bunch of these for my new video editing desk.


WR-NMP55p30If you’re stuck for GPIOs, like I was in my PiProjector board, then you can use something like the MCP23017. This one is the 16 GPIO version. Handy to have around if you’re struggling for simple GPIOs. It can’t handle PWM on the GPIOs, but good for buttons, switches and general control.