Weekly Roundup #54 – New Maker Products // News


Over at my favourite Maker store, Tindie, there’s a few new interesting things.

ESP8285 module

WR-NMP54p20This has to be the smallest ESP module around. Only 10 by 14mm with 6 GPIOs pushed out.

FE-Pi Digital Audio

WR-NMP54p21And another digital audio card for the Pi. This one is similar to the audio injector Kickstarter but only has audio out. Runs the Cirrus Logic WM8804 and provides SPDIF, RCA and TOSLINK audio outputs.


WR-NMP54p22Another FPGA board, this one is aimed at vision projects. Not only does it have an iCE40 FPGA, but 8MB SPI flash, PMOD and ArduCam connectors and MIPI-CSI header.

LAN951X breakout

WR-NMP54p23The LAN9512 is used in the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi. You can now get a breakout board for it giving you a four port USB hub and Ethernet controller.