Weekly Roundup #54 – New Maker Products // News

Hi, this week’s Weekly Roundup is a little short as I was pretty busy last week with contract work, and I promise… no more trumpets.

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DIY Li-ion battery building kit

WR-NMP54p1If you’ve ever tried to quickly DIY battery packs together from 18650 cells, then the usual method is gaff tape and soldering.
Making it more permanent is another thing. This Kickstarter aims to solve that by providing a way to build up a battery configuration in multiple combinations of serial and parallel. Looks pretty good.

Audio Injector Ultra sound card

WR-NMP54p2There’s been many sound cards for the Raspberry Pi in the past, but not many high-fidelity ones.
This Kickstarter allows sample rates up to 192kHz at 24bit resolution with RCA and SPDIF inputs and outputs, two MEMS microphones and a Cirrus Logic stereo CODEC.
There’s also a daughter board that provides balanced line drivers.


WR-NMP54p3This looks pretty cool. If you have a need to flash a whole lot of AVRs, then this standalone programmer will flash almost the whole AVR lineup. Just chuck a HEX file onto an SD card, put your AVR in the ZIF socket and press a button. Easy.
It can also flash MCUs using an ICSP header.

Xilinx Artix-7

WR-NMP54p4I predicted last year that 2018 will be the year of the FPGA. Seems we’re on track with that. This Kickstarter provides a Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA on a tiny 5 by 5 cm PCB.
It also provides a bunch of buttons, LEDs, JTAG header and 36 GPIOs, powered from 5 to 17v.
Note, you can also pick this up on Tindie.



WR-NMP54p5While over at CrowdSupply, Luke Valenty has been pretty busy with his next version of the TinyFPGA. The BX contains the Lattice ICE40LP8K FPGA, 8Mbit SPI Flash, 3.3 and 1.3v LDOs and breaking out 36 GPIOs.
The TinyFPGA is shaping up to be the “Teensy” of the FPGA world. So if you want to get into FPGAs, go pick one of these up.


WR-NMP54p6In pre-launch at CrowdSupply there’s the Hexabitz. These are hexagon PCBs with a range of sensors and MCUs that connect in a “novel wired-mesh decentralized network concept”. Not sure what that means, but I suspect it’s using a 1-wire interface that connects to adjacent tiles while providing power and passes messages along a chain of tiles.
Interesting idea.

motionPro 6600

WR-NMP54p7Another one in pre-launch. The motionPro is a motor driver board that can control up to 4 stepper motors at up to 4A continuous per motor with control over current limits and stepper resolution.
Access is via plain old TTL or USB with opto-isolators and noise filters for added protection on limit switches and FET drivers.
Runs off a 12 to 36v DC supply.


Jorjin WS2118

WR-NMP54p8Over at GroupGets you can currently pick up a new wireless dev kit from Jorjin.
This runs the STMicro BlueNRG which provides Bluetooth and the STMicro S2-LP providing SigFox. 38 GPIOs are pushed out on the JorJin module, but only a handful are available on the Arduino headers.