Weekly Roundup #53 – New Maker Products // News


There’s a bunch of cool things over at Tindie.

PoE hat for Raspberry Pi3 Model B+

WR-NMP53p25This store was pretty quick to release a PoE hat for the Pi 3B+. For US$17 you can power your Pi without those annoying micro USB cables. Bear in mind that this is the cheap part. You’ll still need a gigabit switch that supports PoE which can be expensive.

ZigBee Raspberry Pi Hat

WR-NMP53p26If you want to muck around with ZigBee on a Pi, then this small hat runs the SiLabs EM357 which is pre-programmed with firmware supporting all the standard NCP commands over serial UART. There’s also plugins for OpenHAB, Node-RED and other platforms.

HamShield 1.0 for Arduino

WR-NMP53p27If you muck around with HAM radio, then this next one might interest you. It’s an Arduino shield running the Auctus AT1846S chip giving you Tx and Rx over all the common HAM frequencies. It also has adjustable channel bandwidth, squelch, VOX, DTMF encoding, RSSI and is powered from a 5 to 20v DC supply.


WR-NMP53p28Want to have some decent control over your reflow oven? This Tindie store has an Arduino compatible controller with on-board Bluetooth module, thermocouple interface, LiPo battery management and solid state relay. All code is open-source and available on GitHub.


WR-NMP53p29The MaxProLogic was a successful Kickstarter back in Weekly Roundup #45. Well, it’s now available on Tindie for around US$5 more than the Kickstarter price.
Running the Altera MAX10 FPGA, it has a lot of bang for your buck.

IceZum Alhambra

WR-NMP53p30And here’s another alternative in the same Arduino form factor, but running the more expensive Lattice iCE40 FPGA. Supports both 5 and 3.3v logic levels from a 6 to 17v DC supply and pushes out an additional 20 GPIOs.

Flex Red Devil ESP8266 Programmer

WR-NMP53p31If you use a lot of ESP32 modules, then programming them can be fiddly. The Flex Red Devil uses horizontally placed pogo-pins allowing you to program modules quickly.


WR-NMP53p32The lorasensortile is a LoRa based sensor board that includes LiPo charging, SPI flash and accelerometer, pressure and light sensors in one small 23 by 23mm package. Can be powered from LiPo or 2 AA batteries with a sleep current of only 10uA.

VL53L1 long-range proximity sensor

WR-NMP53p33Another breakout from Pesky Products, this long-range proximity sensor uses the VL53L1X, which improves on the previous VL53L0X by increasing the sensor range from 2 to 4m while still maintaining the 1mm accuracy.

PocketScroller for PocketBeagle

WR-NMP53p34If you saw my MQTT based RGB LED panel, I used the very common HUB75 panel. I used one of AdaFruit’s LED matrix hats, but this is a good alternative. The PocketScroller allows control of up to 72, P10 type panels. Yes, that’s right. 72 16 by 32 LED RGB panels! That’ll give you around a 288 by 128 pixel display but bear in mind panels can be expensive.