Weekly Roundup #53 – New Maker Products // News

This week’s Weekly Roundup there’s a serious amount of new SBCs, as well as the usual AI boards and thankfully we’re well past all those stupid robots that we saw last year.

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Raspberry Boom
The Big Buddy Talker
$6 Maker UNO
Binary Alarm Clock
Open Placer
Orange Pi 4G-IOT
Visual Git for Eagle
Festivals and conferences
Project Fin
HiKey 970
DragonBoard 820c
Developer Board 8
Raspberry Pi 3B+
Gumstix Chatterbox
SolidRun SBCs
PoE hat for Raspberry Pi3 Model B+
ZigBee Raspberry Pi Hat
HamShield 1.0 for Arduino
IceZum Alhambra
Flex Red Devil ESP8266 Programmer
VL53L1 long-range proximity sensor
PocketScroller for PocketBeagle
Sonoff Pow R2
ReSpeaker Core v2.0
Eagleye 530s
MDDS30 Cytron SmartDriveDuo
AS7262 6-channel visible light sensor
Magnetic Imaging Tile
Helium Atom Module
Helium Ethernet Starter Kit
Helium Element Access Point
Fingerprint Scanner
Tic T500 USB Stepper Motor Controller


First up on Kickstarter …


WR-NMP53p1The Proxmark3 is a general purpose test equipment aimed at RFID. It allows you to listen and replay any NFC and RFID traffic between 125kHz and 13.56MHz. Interface is via Bluetooth or USB and runs the Atmel SAM7S SoC. No indication of whether you can update with your own firmware or not, but if you’re in to RFID hacking then this looks pretty good.


WR-NMP53p2We’ve seen a lot of STEM education kits in past Weekly Roundups. The Leguino is yet another one that is based on Lego bricks, but they’ve minimized their hardware investment by enclosing common platforms, such as the Arduino Uno, Arduino Nano and Raspberry Pi into Lego enclosures. So, you can code up using all the familiar tools, but they heavily support Visuino.
They also have created a bunch of add-ons, such as; displays, servos and gears, switches, buttons, LEDs, microphones, sensors, and battery and breadboard units.


WR-NMP53p3Vion is a Bluetooth multimeter. It won’t be able to take on Dave Jones’ multimeter for quality, but comes in cheaper. You can measure the traditional way, or install an iPhone or Android app to query the meter.
It has some expected features such as auto-measuring, but some cool ones like voice assisted measurement.
The specs aren’t fantastic, but for the price it is OK.


WR-NMP53p4OK, so it’s just another Raspberry Pi Zero with a handy USB hat, but this one allows you to setup multiple virtual flash drives. Interesting.


WR-NMP53p5My prediction of 2018 as being the year of the FPGA for Makers is heating up. Here’s another FPGA breakout board based on the Lattice LCMX02 series, but this one is interesting as their goal isn’t just to make a breakout board, but provide a full education system as well.
It’s a hard sell trying to teach FPGAs to beginners. So, it’ll be interesting to see how this one goes.

Raspberry Boom

WR-NMP53p6The Raspberry Boom is a Pi hat that aims to detect infrasonic waves. These are sound waves that are below human hearing which is 20 Hz and below and since frequencies that low travel long distances you can pick up interesting things such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tornados, explosions, meteorites and aliens… apparently.
The early bird price of US$279 is steep, but that gives you the Pi, SD card, hat, enclosure, power supply and mobile app.

The Big Buddy Talker

WR-NMP53p7Back in Weekly Roundup #50 we saw the Little Buddy Talker. Well now he has a bigger brother… or sister.
This version increases the number of words from 254 to 1016.

$6 Maker UNO

WR-NMP53p8And back in Weekly Roundup #51 on Tindie we saw the Maker Uno. They now have a Kickstarter campaign up for grabs, which you can get for 17% cheaper.

Binary Alarm Clock

WR-NMP53p9If you like binary and clocks… then this simple Kickstarter is a binary clock… It’s one of the better built ones I’ve seen, but it does lack things like syncing to an external time source.


Open Placer

WR-NMP53p10Over at IndieGoGo, there’s an Open Hardware pick and place machine. If you’ve ever made more than a handful of your own PCBs, then you’ll understand the frustration working with tiny components. A P&P will automatically pick up and place components on to a PCB for you.
Normally, they are pretty expensive – around US$4000, but with this campaign you can get one for under a grand that supports vision control of components down to 201s, with a 400 by 250mm work area.



WR-NMP53p11Over at CrowdSupply there’s a datacentre-in-a-box in pre-launch. The Circumference provides power, cooling and gigabit network switch for up to 32 nodes based on either the Raspberry Pi or UDOO X86.
The main control unit is a standard PC that provides control over cooling, power and access to node consoles.


WR-NMP53p12And yet another portable gaming thingy, this one based on the Pi Zero. Comes with 5-way joystick, two buttons, 1.4″ screen and 300mAh battery.