Weekly Roundup #52 – New Maker Products // News

AdaFruit, Seeed, SparkFun, DFRobot, DigiKey

RGB Matrix Bonnet

WR-NMP52p23Over at AdaFruit they have their RGB Matrix Pi bonnet. This makes it easier to interface to these 64 by 64 RGB LED displays. This is certainly a much easier way to do it than my bit-bashing Christmas Tree Game.

Walabot Starter

WR-NMP52p24While over at SparkFun, they have the Walabot Starter in. What’s a Walabot Starter? I’m glad you asked.
It’s a board that has a three antenna array that act as a two-dimensional radar. This allows you to detect breathing movements, tracking objects both visible and behind a wall. They have an API supporting Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi.
This is an unusual and pretty cool little device.

Qwiic VR IMU

WR-NMP52p25The BNO080 is a pretty interesting IMU. Not only does it have on-board accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer, but packs in a Cortex-M0 allowing you to generate Fusion data and other complex algorithms such as activity classification.


WR-NMP52p26Over at Newark they have the Cloudio Pi hat which comes from India based GraspIO. It’s a fairly simple board giving you temperature and light sensors, buzzer, OLED and buttons, but they also provide a cloud service based off IFTTT with a simple drag and drop programming interface.

Renesas RX130

WR-NMP52p27Over at DigiKey they are selling three new Renesas Electroncs boards. All three boards have either an RX65N, RX130 or RX231 as the core MCU and then contain two 50 pin headers with most of the GPIOs broken out, USB, PMOD connector and a couple of user buttons. Pretty decent board for only US$28.

Pi wide input SHIM

WR-NMP52p28Over at Pimoroni they have their simple DC buck converted Pi shim. Which allows you to power your Pi from a 3 to 16v DC input. Great for in-vehicle use.