Weekly Roundup #52 – New Maker Products // News


And over at Tindie it’s unusually quiet as well.

OBD-II ECU Simulator

WR-NMP52p17If you’ve ever been hacking around with your own OBD software you’ll know how much of a pain it is to develop. I’ve found myself on several occasions stuck out in the car coding away late at night.
One way to avoid this is to get one of these OBD simulators. It’s a little expensive, but worth it.


WR-NMP52p18Another one from Dave Darko industries called the LameBoy. It’s a gameboy style DIY kit running an ESP8266, SD slot, RGB backlit Nokia LCD screen and a couple of buttons.
And, Dave, I expect a snazzy trailer video for this one!

Nano size RF module

WR-NMP52p19This is another nRF52832 based board, but it’s the smallest I’ve seen so far. Measuring only 10mm by 7mm with 30 GPIOs pushed out. Nice.

32 Channel Servo Controller

WR-NMP52p20In need of controlling a bucket load of servos? This board has two PCA9685 PWM drivers giving you control over 32 servos. It also has 5v buck converter allowing a DC input from 6 to 28v, reverse polarity protection and MOSFET controlled servo power.


WR-NMP52p21One of the limitations of some USB based SDRs is the small tuning range. This board will allow you to increase the range to 10kHz to 1.7GHz. Of course, you’ll need to be using the correct antenna for the different frequencies.


WR-NMP52p22If you have ever bulk-programmed a lot of boards, then you’ll know all about pogo-pins. This one is about the right size to hold and also has a reset button to make programming and testing so much faster.