Weekly Roundup #51 – New Maker Products // News


Over at Tindie, there’s a bunch of cool things.

EasyVolts rev.3

WR-NMP51p24The EasyVolts was an IndieGoGo campaign back in Weekly Roundup #36. Well now you can pick up version 3 of this handy power supply from Tindie. It is an adjustable power supply that is controlled via USB or UART, providing from 0 to 24V at up to 1A.

BlackIce II

WR-NMP51p25Back into the FPGA camp we have the BlackIce II, which is the 4th generation and not the second. This board runs a 100MHz clocked STM32 programmable via the Arduino IDE, but it also has a Lattice ICE40HX4K FPGA. 56 of the GPIOs are pushed out from this and 26 from the STM32, which is, I think, the most I’ve seen in a regular Maker board. It also provides 8 PMOD connectors.

Maker UNO

WR-NMP51p26The Maker Uno is an Arduino Uno knock-off that is pretty damn cheap. The changes they’ve made to the original design are removing the DC jack and 5v LDO, adding a piezo buzzer and LED on every digital GPIO, and changing the USB to UART bridge to a CH340 from the FTDI IC. The other big change is the price. Only US$6.00! Nice.

LIS3LV02DL eval board

WR-NMP51p27This breakout board looks pretty good. Runs the LIS3LVO2DL IMU which is capable of measuring down to 1mG with a maximum range of 6G. Even has handy mounting holes.


WR-NMP51p28If you want a simple way to power your Arduino via Solar, then the PowerStick looks pretty good. Capable of providing a steady 3.3 and 5v from Solar cell and a 350mAh AAA LiPo. Max current is 300mA on the 3.3v rail.

LED Octopus

WR-NMP51p29If you own a Teensy and are using the excellent Teensy OctoWS2811 library, then this board will control up to 8 RGB LED strips from a 5v, 5A DC supply.


WR-NMP51p30If you’re in to gaming then the uGame is a kit running a SAMD21 with 1.4″ TFT colour display, speakers, 6 buttons and LiPo charging supporting the ubiquitous Nokia BL-5 battery. Runs micropython with 10 games builtin.

Tiny Alexa

WR-NMP51p31Going back to voice assistants for a while. The Tiny Alexa provides Alexa connectivity using an ESP32 and MAX98357 DAC. Also has LiPo charging and USB to UART bridge based on the CP2102.

Blind Automation Moteino Shield

WR-NMP51p32Most of the blind controllers I’ve seen so far have to be powered externally via a wall wart or non chargeable battery. This board is a shield for the Moteino PCB, (but could be used on anything really). It provides servo control, relay and LiPo Solar charging. So no more having to worry about finding the nearest GPO.


WR-NMP51p33The PiON is simply a UPS for your Pi. There’s been a lot of them around and this one provides all the good features like; soft start and power off from a 7.2v 700mAh NiMH battery. But this one has a snazzy 3D printed case!

TPS610995 3.6 V Booster Board

WR-NMP51p34Want to power your snazzy new board, but only have a AAA battery handy? This board from Pesky Products will provide a steady 3.7v at 1A from any AAA battery. This means that you could power most devices that can handle that extra 0.3v, or use it to replace a LiPo.

ROM emulator – Amiga Kick

WR-NMP51p35Another one for those retro gamers out there. If you still own an Amiga then this board provides flash memory that will emulate a 16bit EPROM. You’ll still need a programmer that supports the F2R16 flash chips, but once you have one you can start hacking your Amiga.

AD5592R 8-channel 12-bit ADC/DAC

WR-NMP51p36Another one from Pesky Products. This breakout for the AD5592 gives you 8 channels that can be independently configured as either a DAC or ADC. Sampling can hit 400Ksps at 12bit resolution from 0 to 2.5v. Pretty handy board.