Weekly Roundup #51 – New Maker Products // News


SixFab NB-IoT Evaluation Board

WR-NMP51p15This next one was mentioned by CNX software:

Over at SixFab they have a couple of new IoT boards on pre-order.

The NB-IoT is an Arduino shield running the Quectel BC95-B20, 3DOF IMU, temperature, humidity and light sensors.

While the Raspberry Pi hat is exactly the same, except for an additional 4 channel 12bit ADC and mains rated relay.

Amarula Electronics Vyasa

WR-NMP51p16The unusually named, and something that I’ll probably mispronounce, Vyasa is yet another SBC based on the RK3288. For US$150 you also get 2G DDR3 RAM, 16G eMMC, SD, GbE, USB, HDMI out and LiPo battery management. There’s also a header allowing expansions for NFC, GPS, Can BUS, WiFi, Bluetooth and even Power over Ethernet.

Hardkernel ODROID-N1

WR-NMP51p17Over at the Hard Kernel blog, they announced the next ODROID SBC. The ODROID-N1 will be based on the RK3399 hex-core SoC with 4G DDR3 RAM, USB3.0, USB2.0, GbE, the typical Pi GPIO header, HDMI 2.0 supporting 4K, eMMC and even two SATA3 ports. Two! Nice!
Not only that, but their price point comes in at US$110. If they can pull that off, this is going to be one heck of a board.

Pine H64

WR-NMP51p18Not to be outdone, the Pine64 guys have been working hard and have released three new boards.

The first is the Pine H64, which is based on the AllWinner H6 SoC and comes in 1, 2 or 3 G DDR3 RAM, 128Mb SPI flash, SD, eMMC, HDMI 2.0 supporting 4K, GbE, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, 40 Pi GPIOs, an additional Euler GPIO header and a mini PCIe slot.

How much for this board? The 1G will set you back US$26, the 2G US$36 and the 3G US$45. Wow!

Pine64 Clusterboard

WR-NMP51p19Then there’s the Pine64 Clusterboard, which has 7 slots supporting 7 SOPine modules. It also gives you GbE with on-board switch, 7 USB2.0 ports, GPIO expansion header and RTC, all powered from a 5v, 15A DC supply coming from a standard PC ATX power connector.

Their current promotion allows you to pick up a free SOPine module.

Pine64 RockPro64

WR-NMP51p20Then there’s the upcoming RockPro64 based on the ineffable RK3399 SoC. It’ll come in various flavours with different RAM and eMMC sizes, GbE, USB2.0, USB Type C and a real PCIe slot.

One of the other most noticeable features of the board is the number of MIPI headers; which gives you 3 CSI ports as well as DSI and eDP.

Orange Pi RK3399

WR-NMP51p21Orange Pi doesn’t really want to be left out of the party and have come out with their version of the RK3399 SBC. For US$109 you can pick up an SBC with a bucket load of goodies like 2G DDR3 RAM, 16G eMMC, GbE, SD, USB2.0, MIPI-CSI, two MIPI-DSI, 40 pin GPIO, 9DOF IMU, HDMI and it starts to get really cool with HDMI in, mSATA and MIC array.

That’s a lot for a little.

Aaeon RICO-3399

WR-NMP51p22And yes the RK3399 party continues with another board from Aaeon in the coming soon category. This one has 2G DDR3 RAM, 16G eMMC, HDMI & eDP out, GbE, all the USB types you can think of, mPCIe slot, RTC and LiPo battery management.

ModBerry​ M300 IoT Gateway

WR-NMP51p23And someone not interested in joining the RK3399 party is the ModBerry guys. If you’re in to industrial projects, then these guys will provide an industrial case with add-ons and cloud offering based on several SBCs, such as the UpBoard, NanoPi NEO2 and Orange Pi Zero. They support almost all the wireless protocols as well as CAN, 1-wire and UARTs.