Weekly Roundup #48 – New Maker Products // News

Bits and pieces

A few bits and pieces that I didn’t include in my video.

MegaBattery – Portable mini powerwall station

A mini powerwall! “Portable mini Powerwall station with multiple input by power adapter, car adapter charging.”

Emergency Electric Candle

Something for when your powerwall fails. “The Electric Candle powers on as soon as you open the lid. The light waits until it is dark before turning on. Powered by AA battery.”

Imagipod 3D Printer

Another “High quality, affordable 3D printer.”

Poly – Bio and Easy 3D Printer

And another “Portable, multi-tool, biodegradable, and battery powered.”

Coding-Block! COBL, Learn and Make Whatever You Want

Teach your kids Cobol! No, wait… That’s Cobl.

“Educational tools for students who want to expand their coding skills and parents that want to give them interesting coding lessons”

Codey Rocky: Your new coding companion

Something from down-under! “Meet the robot that helps every child learn coding and AI”

MatataLab – A new hands-on coding robot for kids ages 4-9

“Let kids learn to code just by playing. No need for a screen, a keyboard or literacy. Kids will program a robot, create music and art!”

SIMA the most friendly and accessible social robot for kids

And another robot, which looks suspiciously like an Android with a 3D printed case. “With a robotic body we transform smartphones into social robots and use them as a tool for education.”

Synthesizer HANSY1010

“The HANSY1010 is a Hybrid Mono/Duophonic Synthesizer. A Digital Brain with an analog heart”

HubSerialixed – USB Hub + UART for Pi Zero W

Another “add some more USB ports to your Pi Zero” thing.

Bolt IoT

WiFi Module+Cloud+Apps+APIs means complete ecosystem on one platform. Run ML algorithms on sensor data with a click. Quick & Easy!

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