Weekly Roundup #48 – New Maker Products // News


Over at Tindie there’s just a few things …

Dual Axis Smart Solar Tracker

WR-NMP48p31This kit is a solar tracker that contains an Arduino, servo motors, laser cut wood, and sensors. So all you need is a screwdriver and PC and you’re set.

USB 3.1 Type-A power meter

WR-NMP48p32Here’s another USB power meter. Runs the ATSAMD09 with OLED display. It has a voltage resolution of 100uV up to 10v and then 1mV resolution up to 25V with a 100uA current resolution. Can display voltage, current and power.

Raspberry Pi Voltage shifter for WS2812

WR-NMP48p33You might just get this delivered before Christmas if you’re quick. It’s a Pi hat that shifts voltages for the WS2812 Neopixels.

GPS Referenced 1MHz RF generator

WR-NMP48p34If you’re looking for a fairly stable 1GHz clock. This 1GHz GPS disciplined clock generator is pretty cheap. It can also be set for several other frequencies up to 10MHz, but no indication of the accuracy.


WR-NMP48p35Back in Weekly Roundup #43 and also in MickMake Mail #21 there was the LoFive. Well, now Michael Welling has put it up on Tindie. You can also pick it up from GroupGets as well.

Sigfox Castellated Breakout Board

WR-NMP48p36Looking to get into SigFox? This castellated breakout board runs the Wisol WSSFM10R2 and also comes with 2 years free access to the SigFox network.
It’s a 3.3v system and connectivity is over plain old UART.

Adapter for ESP8285 Board

WR-NMP48p37Back in Weekly Roundup #26 there was the ESP8285 module on BangGood. Well, this Tindie store has a breakout board for them.

EspoTek Labrador

WR-NMP48p38Good to see another Ozzie Maker. The Labrador was a CrowdSupply funded board that provides a 2 channel oscilloscope at 750Ksps, waveform generator and logic analyzer as well as a multi-meter capable of measuring voltage, current, resistance and capacitance. So, it’s not the world’s fastest scope, but certainly cheap and reliable.

K.I.T.T. Knight Rider Blinky LED Badge

WR-NMP48p39You’ve probably seen the ad for this next one by Dave Darko? There you go! Go and get one.


WR-NMP48p40Back in Weekly Roundup #40 there was the Retroball on Kickstarter. Well, now it’s up on Tindie. It’s a DIY kit allowing you to build your own game of pong. Oh, look! He’s another Ozzie Maker!

Creltek 8 Channel Clock Generator

WR-NMP48p41Another clock generator board, but this one is based on the Silicon Labs Si5331A, which is capable of generating clocks from 2.5KHz to 200MHz on 8 separate channels. Access is over 3.3v logic I2C.

Creltek Video DAC

WR-NMP48p42The same Tindie store also has a video DAC board, which converts 24bit RGB pixel data to an analog video signal. Supports up to 180MHz pixel clock rate over PAL or NTSC on composite, S-video or VGA. Runs off a 5v supply with 3.3v logic.


WR-NMP48p43HackaBLE is another board based on the nRF52832 Bluetooth chip. Has all the usual goodies such as reset button and LDO, but comes in at a tiny 18 by 28mm castellated package.

EEPROM Programmer Arduino Shield

WR-NMP48p44If you’re in to retro kit, then one of these is damn handy. It’s a shield that allows you to program 28 pin DIP EEPROMs. Useful for updating some of the more recent hacked cartridges you can get these days.