Weekly Roundup #46 – New Maker Products // News

The Cheap Side

And over in China we have …

MPL3115A2 I2C Pressure/Temperaure sensor

WR-NMP46p44A breakout for the fairly accurate MPL31115A2, (can’t find any links to this! Leave a comment below if you find one.), temperature and pressure sensor. Runs off 3.5 to 5v and can drop down to 2uA in standby. Even at a 1Hz sampling rate it only consumes around 9uA.

MP3 decoder board

WR-NMP46p45And for only US$1.38 a pop you can get an MP3 player with amplifier and SD slot. Man, you’d never be able to make one of these cheaper.

INA3221 I2C current/power monitor

WR-NMP46p46And here’s a 3 channel low and high side current and voltage monitor running the INA3221 IC, which is accessible over I2C.

GPRS/EDGE / LBS positioning board

WR-NMP46p47Apparently you can pick up a tiny GSM module for only US$8! This one runs the MTK6260M, (another link I can’t find! Let me know if you find it.), GSM module and if you’re lucky to be in a country with a running GSM network still you’ll be able to use it.


WR-NMP46p48Back in Weekly Roundup #42 there was the ESP8285 on Seeed Studio. Now BangGood have the ESP-M3 which isn’t quite as small as the Seeed version, but close.

STC15F104W microboard

WR-NMP46p49Remember the old 8051 CPUs? Well here’s a new take on an old CPU. This breakout has an updated 8051 CPU, (STC15F104W), that will run code 20% faster than the previous incarnation of this chip, (STC15F104E), along with 6 GPIOs.

Waveshare 7.5″ 640×384 e-ink display

WR-NMP46p50Over at DX they have a couple of e-ink displays. This one is a 7.5″ three colour 640×384 pixel display…

Waveshare 2.13″ 212×104 e-ink display

WR-NMP46p51and this one is a smaller 2.13″ display at 212×104 resolution.