Weekly Roundup #46 – New Maker Products // News

AdaFruit, Seeed, SparkFun, DFRobot, DigiKey

Particle Wi-Fi Module

WR-NMP46p34Over at Seeed Studio they have the Particle P1 WiFi module running the BCM43362 IC and an STM32F205 with 1MB flash, external 1MB SPI flash and 25 GPIOs.
This one has a break-away antenna or there’s the smaller Particle P0 module.

Raspberry Pi Dual band Radio hotspot

WR-NMP46p35This looks pretty cool. It’s a DVMEGA Pi hat with on-board VHF and UHF radios. Power output is 10mW, so not huge but enough to transmit over the DMR+ network.

BlueStack Micro+

WR-NMP46p36The BlueStack Micro+ is another DVMEGA board that supports DMR over Bluetooth or DSTAR, Fusion and DMR over USB. This one is designed specifically for the IoS platform, and this one for the Android platform.

INA219 FeatherWing

WR-NMP46p37Over at AdaFruit they have a FeatherWing with on-board INA219 IC, which is a power monitor allowing you to measure up to 3.2A and 26V DC. You can change the current sense resistor to a lower value to increase the max amperage to 32A.

Spectral Sensor Breakout

WR-NMP46p38Over at SparkFun they have a spectral sensor. No, not a spectre sensor. It’s not Halloween yet! It’s a spectrometer that will detect wavelengths from 450 to 650nm in the visible spectrum. Accessible over I2C and UART.

They also have one that extends that range from 610 to 860nm.

FireBeetle ATmega328P

WR-NMP46p39Over at DFRobot there’s the 328P FireBeetle with on-board Bluetooth 4.1 module. It supports all the usual FireBeetle add-ons and can draw only 70uA while in sleep mode.


WR-NMP46p40Back in Weekly Roundup #34 we saw the qualMeter on Kickstarter. Well now DFRobot are selling all three models; the Advanced, Mini and <a href=”https://www.dfrobot.com/product-1640.html?tracking=5987cead3290e”>Basic.

64×64 RGB LED Matrix Panel

WR-NMP46p41And LED panels are getting cheaper and cheaper. Unfortunately I missed out on the used 64 by 64 panels on eBay at a ridiculous price, but DFRobot have them still.

TPSM842xx Power Modules

WR-NMP46p42Over at DigiKey they have some tiny power modules based on the TPSM842 giving you 3.3, 5 or 12v out from a 24v input. Pretty handy.

InvenSense DK-20948 development kit

WR-NMP46p43It’s hard to think of a company such as TDK creating motion sensor development boards, but here’s one on DigiKey. This one runs an Atmel SAMG55 MCU and ICM-20948 9DOF IMU.