Weekly Roundup #46 – New Maker Products // News


Lots of things over at Tindie this week.

Freematics ESP32

WR-NMP46p24The Freematics ESP32 board comes in an Arduino form factor, but has an Xbee socket that you can stick a 3G SIM5360 module and another to allow you to connect one of their OBD ports.

7-port NanoHub

WR-NMP46p25A 7 port USB hub in a tiny package! This comes from the same Tindie store that has the 4 and 2 port hubs.


WR-NMP46p26This is a good idea which allows you to quickly hack together a circuit without a breadboard.

EMP sensor

WR-NMP46p27This is a pretty cool board that will sense EMP caused by lightning. You can theoretically use it as a camera trigger so you can get some cool photos.

Micro Launchpad

WR-NMP46p28The MSP430 MCUs are fairly versatile based on a RISC core, and a fairly similar lineup to the STM32 and ATSAMs. This store has a couple of breakouts based on them.

Arduino Nano with Grbl CoreXY

WR-NMP46p29CNC machines come in several styles. One style is to use 2 motors on a single belt to control the X and Y axis. It’s a cool idea and the best way to control them is using the Grbl CoreXY firmware running. This store has this firmware preloaded on an Arduino Zero for you.


WR-NMP46p30Oh look! The Prudaq from Weekly Roundup #45 is on Tindie now!


WR-NMP46p31The FTDI Hack is a breakout board for the FT231XQ IC, which is similar to SparkFun’s version, but cheaper.


WR-NMP46p32There’s quite a few DSOs around. Here’s one you can build yourself based on a 50MHz PIC32. Has all the usual good stuff like; 1MHz single channel Oscilloscope, 4 channel logic analyzer, signal generator and frequency counter.


WR-NMP46p33Oh look! The TrackIMU in last week’s roundup is on Tindie as well.