Weekly Roundup #45 – New Maker Products // News

Weekly Roundup number 45 saving you time with all the good stuff from Crowd Sourcing websites, AdaFruit, SparkFun, DFRobot, Seeed, my favourite Tindie and also other places that I’ve managed to find.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUEDDiH8CDg&w=640&h=360]


A bit of a mish mash on Kickstarter this week.


WR-NMP45p1The MaxProLogic claims to be an ultra low cost FPGA board coming in at US$37 or US$32 for the early birds. It’s built on the Altera MAX10 FPGA and its pretty cheap. At the moment you can pick up an Altera Max10 FPGA board on AliExpress for around US$75. This has an SD slot, bunch of LEDs, buck converter and breaks out 65 GPIOs.
The campaign creator is by Earth People, who have run several other successful campaigns in the past, like the UnoProLogic2.


WR-NMP45p2This next one is interesting. It’s a bunch of PCBs with an ATmega32U4 and MPU9250 IMU. It acts as an extra input when playing games so you can turn your head and it’ll change the field of view. I’m not a gamer, so don’t know if this would be a good idea or not, but looks interesting.

Goliath CNC

WR-NMP45p3The Goliath CNC is a new take on an old idea. This CNC removes the tethering of X and Y axis and instead has three wheels that moves it around the work piece. So you can CNC any size you want. I do have my doubts about it:

  • The angular momentum of the motor during spin up of the router might cause it to lose position.
  • and accuracy would be a nightmare once you get to very large work pieces as the error rate would accumulate.

You define the work area by moving a rectangular thingy to the corners and I figure that the cable between that and the router would act as a frame of reference. So, it might actually work.


WR-NMP45p4PiZerialized is a simple idea that provides what looks like a CP2104 USB to UART bridge in a handy board to be used with a Pi so you can get to the console easily.
The campaign creator has several Kickstarters under his belt, so he’s been in this Rodeo before.


WR-NMP45p5Stego Board isn’t an SBC, nor has it got any electronics on it. It is in fact a Mechano style building frame that has placement holes for a range of SBCs, hard disks, touch screens, NUCs, Brix, ITX motherboards and even VESA mounting holes. Finally! Someone has made one! You can stack them any which way; vertically, chuck them on the back of a TV or even in a funky triangle. They also have hard disk and power supply mounts.


WR-NMP45p6I know, I did say last year that I wasn’t ever going to mention robotic assistants again, but this one is really cool! It doesn’t have legs, arms or an evil face. Instead it’s this drone thing slash vacuum cleaner that follows you around the house waiting for you to say something incredible. It has a 3D camera and can interface to Alexa so you can inadvertently order lots of expensive stuff whilst having that argument with your next door neighbor.

Apparently, it’s really quiet and the rotor blades don’t affect the audio pickup. Well, maybe… just check out the video of it in action.


CrowdSupply is a bit quieter this week.


WR-NMP45p7In pre-launch there is the HwUI, which is a simple board giving you a bunch of capacitive touch inputs in various positions. As well as the Cypress capacitive touch sensor it also has an STM32 and BT53 Bluetooth module. The idea is that you can use it as a generic interface to anything.

GnuBee Personal Cloud 2

WR-NMP45p8Back in Weekly Roundup #21 there was the GnuBee, which was a small open source NAS running the MT7621A and 3 GbE ports allowing you to connect up 6 2.5″ drives. Well know there’s the GnuBee 2, with the only difference being that it can house 3.5″ drives instead.

STEAM Stories

WR-NMP45p9STEAM Stories is an interesting one. It’s an educational tool teaching kids the basic concepts of electricity and circuits. You create 9 different circuits powered from a coin cell battery as you read through the story. Cool.


Swidget Outlet

WR-NMP45p10Over at IndieGoGo there is the Swidget which was in Weekly Roundup #40 and has just started to ship on KickStarter. Well, now they are on IndieGoGo raising extra funding.


And a new website this week called GroupGets, which has been around for a while and allows you to benefit from the power of bulk purchases.

Z-turn Board XC7Z020

WR-NMP45p11Back in Weekly Roundup something; I mentioned the Z-turn board. Well there’s now a GroupGets for this board, which will effectively knock off the shipping costs of up to US$40. This board runs the Xilinx XC7Z010, which is dual core Cortex-A9 and Xilinx-7 FPGA combo. Nice little board.


WR-NMP45p12If you want some really seriously high speed acquisition. Then there’s the prudaq, which is a BeagleBone cape that can sample at up to 40Msps. There’s a long back story to this board involving Jason Holt and Google Research. This GroupGet is for the prudaq board, BeagleBone Black, 16G SD, 64G thumb drive and a BNC to SMA cable.


WR-NMP45p13The DIY Thermocam is pretty expensive, but you are talking about thermal cameras here. This is a DIY unit that contains a bunch of stuff to create a pretty decent thermal camera. Note, however, that this does not contain the FLiR. You’ll have to buy one of those for around the same price as this GroupGet or find one in a dumpster.