Weekly Roundup #44 – New Maker Products // News

This week’s Weekly Roundup is pretty quiet and a good thing too, since I’m up in the country for a bit of a break. I’m in the dog house at the moment, because I theoretically shouldn’t be working this week.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hd5vnPpt77U&w=640&h=360]


Just a couple of things on Kickstarter this week …


WR-NMP44p1The Fennec is a small LoRa dev board powered from a single CR2032 coin cell battery. It runs an SAML MCU which is the ultra low power series managing to get down to 1.3uA. It also has a 3DOF IMU, grove port, and a handful of GPIOs.

Air-Energy Sensor for Earthquake Forecasting

WR-NMP44p2Necessity is the mother of all invention and no surprise that there have been dozens of projects like this one appearing, with all the earthquakes, fires, cyclones and flooding in recent years. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of these as Makers start to come up with some good ideas.


Surprisingly something on IndieGoGo …


WR-NMP44p3Back in Weekly Roundup #40 we saw the Algobrix which raised over a million US. Well now they are on IndieGoGo with roughly the same funding behind them. With almost 3 million US in funding there shouldn’t be any problem in delivering. Let’s hope they deliver.



WR-NMP44p4Back in Weekly Roundup #37 there was the Quasar, but now they are looking at launching on CrowdSupply. This is a 4G mobile module that works with Raspberry Pi or BeagleBones. This module also has on-board Bluetooth, NFC, solar LiPo charging and GPS. A nice module.


WR-NMP44p5Rubicon is an IP67 rated expandable case that can fit Raspberry Pis to Arduinos. The IP67 rating is a pretty decent water and dust proof standard. Enough to keep most electronics comfortably dry. Looks big enough to support a solar cell.

NanoEVB & PicoEVB

WR-NMP44p6Here’s another FPGA board. This one not only contains a Xilinx Artix 7 FPGA, but comes in mini-PCIe M.2 key format. It comes as two variants; the NanoEVB and the PicoEVB, with the only difference being the NanoEVB has GPIOs. Comes as open source and open hardware – so you can really do some interesting hacking.


WR-NMP44p7USB-C is starting to gain traction, which is a good thing. The Tiny-PAT is a USB-C power adapter tester. It’ll run through all the power profiles from 5v/3A to 20v/4A testing each one and indicating a pass or fail with LEDs. This is a good thing to find out if your USB-C power adapter is working properly.

LimeSDR Mini

WR-NMP44p8Way back in Weekly Roundup #24 we saw the LimeSDR, now Lime Microsystems is back with the LimeSDR mini. For more than half the price of the original, you get an Altera MAX10 FPGA and LMS7002M RF transceiver. Not only that, but the partnership that Lime has with Ubuntu means that developers can push IoT apps quickly and easily. Nice.