Weekly Roundup #43 – New Maker Products // News

This week’s Weekly Roundup we’re seeing gesture sensors, ESP32, SBCs, Vehicle OBD boards and buck converters.

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First up on Kickstarter there’s …

PLD/HL2 Panorama

WR-NMP43p1a multi-protocol wireless box that can talk Sigfox, LoRaWAN and SCAP/LTP. It contains an ATmega328P, which is the ultra low power variant allowing it to drop down to 0.6uA in sleep or 5mA in idle. They have written an Arduino library called PLDuino, (Edit: yet to be released), that allows you to interface to I2C sensors and their SaaS platform.

Raspberry Pi Mega-IO Expansion Card

WR-NMP43p2If you’re running out of GPIOs on your Pi, then this mega expansion hat has 8 10A, 240v relays, 8 channel, 12bit ADC as well as a 12bit DAC, 8 opto-isolated inputs, 4 open collector outputs rated to 16v and an additional 6 GPIOs. Even better, you can stack four of them onto a single Pi.

The Buildbotics Open-Source CNC Controller

WR-NMP43p3If you’re in to CNC machines, then here’s another controller called the Buildbotics. It can control up to 4 steppers at up to 6A at 36v with 128 microsteps and has limit switches, PWM spindle control and z-axis probing. There’s all sorts of protection like over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit and reverse-voltage. It even has Ethernet and 4 USB ports which allow you to connect up game controllers and webcams.

“Boxmaster” – the manager for (mobile) musicboxes

WR-NMP43p4Boxmaster is a fairly simple board that is designed to be used in a DIY audio amplifier. Contains a 2.4″ LCD, stereo in & out and graphic equalizer running off a Rohm sound processor, (BD37543FS). All powered from a 9 to 60v DC input.


WR-NMP43p5AutoPi is yet another OBD vehicle thingy, but this is one of the more mature ones. It’s a board that contains CAN bus transceivers, 3G/4G modem, GPS, accelerometer, and speaker. It can attach to any Pi, but they have an all-in-one case supporting the Pi Zero.
It runs Raspbian with their AutoPi Core software installed on top, which will talk to their cloud platform allowing you to do some cool stuff.

The Stronghold

WR-NMP43p6The Stronghold is a board giving you remote control of up to 5 47A DC outputs. It has an on-board ATmega2560, SIM5320 giving you 3G and GPS, temperature sensor and surge protected RS485. A nice little unit if you want 3G based remote control.


WR-NMP43p7Cubroid is another STEM coding product. This one is Lego compatible and has the usual compliment of blocks such as DC motor driver, LEDs, sound and touch, light and proximity sensors. It can be programmed over Bluetooth using an iOS or Android app using Scratch.


Nothing on IndieGoGo again, …


… but on CrowdSupply, there’s …


WR-NMP43p8… the Retro-uC, which is an Arduino compatible board that’s attempting to re-incarnate some old CPUs in an FPGA. They’re looking at providing CPUs such as the 6502, Z80 and 68K. They already have the FPGA source for the Z80 created for another board …


WR-NMP43p9… that was on Kickstarter a couple of years ago, called the XLR8. This is an Arduino format board containing an Altera FPGA and the full compliment of Arduino GPIOs that are 5v tolerant.