Weekly Roundup #41 – New Maker Products // News

Bits and pieces

A few bits and pieces that I didn’t include in my video.

Smart Home Touch Display for 55mm Standard Switch Series

WR-NMP41p52Smart Touch Display for home and building control. Fits into standard 55mm switch series and uses MQTT to send and receive commands.

Archer: The Revolutionary Desktop Combat Robot

WR-NMP41p53Join the battle on your desk. Fight side by side with your friends as one crew against another. Become a battle robot master.

Robotic Snake Arm

WR-NMP41p54This robotic arm is currently used at Tarleton State University for research in kinematics and operates from a BlueTooth connection.

Zero Ruler V2

WR-NMP41p55The 2nd version of Zero Ruler with simple compass and mini protractor

D2K Insight: The Most Advanced Consumer Grade 3D Printer

WR-NMP41p56The D2K Insight is a high performance, personal(DLP-SLA)LCD based 3D printer. It’s an affordable way to produce high quality 3D objects.

TyroBot DIY Humanoid Robot Kit

WR-NMP41p57Teach yourself robotics and programming in one ultimate 3D printed robot kit. Open source, high tech, and novice friendly.

Audiolux One

WR-NMP41p58This plug-and-play stompbox analyzes audio in real-time & generates music visualizations for smart LED pixels. Transform sound to light.

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