Weekly Roundup #41 – New Maker Products // News

The Cheap Side

SESOO S-Y901 US Standard Remote Control Switch

WR-NMP41p45In Weekly Roundup #40 I looked at some cheap touch switches. Seems everyone is jumping on the band-wagon now. BangGood have a bunch of touch switches that are designed to be a drop-in replacement for your standard light switches. The other good thing is that they are also controlled by wireless remote.

SESOO S-Y903-D US Standard Remote Control Switch


FUNRY ST2-EU 3 Gang 1 Way Wall Switch Capacitive Touch Switch


CJMCU-4541 MICS-4514 Carbon Monoxide Nitrogen Oxygen Sensor

WR-NMP41p48They also have this carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide sensor. I might pick up one of these and use it in an air quality sensor array.

500W Pixel Infrared Night Vision Sight Camera Module

WR-NMP41p49Over at ICstation they have a bunch of 1080p, MIPI-CSI camera modules with inbuilt infrared lamps for night vision.

RTL8189ES-44 module

WR-NMP41p50And a cheap RealTek 8189 module which is the same as used in the RAKwireless WisCore and a whole bunch of SBCs.

EMW3081 module

WR-NMP41p51And the EMW3081 WiFi module as used in the Microsoft Azure IoT Developer Kit.