Weekly Roundup #41 – New Maker Products // News

AdaFruit, Seeed, SparkFun, DFRobot, DigiKey

S30 Smart Socket US

WR-NMP41p31Over at Itead they are selling the Sonoff Smart Socket that could be a teapot. It turns your average power point into a WiFi controlled one in the same way all the other Sonoff devices work.

CAN-BUS Shield V2

WR-NMP41p32And over at Seeed Studio they have an update on their CAN bus shield. The newer version has selectable OBD-II or CAN standard pinouts, SD slot and a few other changes to make it easier to hack your car.

Crazyflie 2.0 – Flow Deck

WR-NMP41p33The Crazyflie is a good add-on for drones. Its on-board Time of Flight sensor allows you to measure the distance to the ground fairly accurately.

AZ3166 IOT Developer Kit

WR-NMP41p34Back in Weekly Roundup #38 I mentioned Microsoft’s Azure development board. Well you can now pick it up at Seeed Studio on back-order.

MXChip Microsoft Azure IoT Developer Kit

WR-NMP41p35And so do DFRobot!

Bone Conduction Kit

WR-NMP41p36DFrobot also have this cool bone conduction kit. Which isn’t something that comes from a mad scientist, but rather allows you to play music directly into your inner ear by vibrating your skull. OK. Maybe it does sound like a mad scientist, but this is cool. It allows you to hear ambient noise around you while listening to the music of your choice.

5 inch 800×480 Capacitive TouchScreen

WR-NMP41p37If you’re looking for a multi-touch display, then Seeed have this 800×480 resolution HDMI based display that has 10 multi-touch points. Nice.


WR-NMP41p38If you are going to be doing some serious coding on ARM based MCUs, you could use the OpenOCD and Raspberry Pi method, or just pick up a Segger J-link adaptor. At US$20 a pop it’s well worth it.

Microchip ATSAMD51 dev board

WR-NMP41p39The SAMD51 is the next series in SAMD MCUs. It’s a step up from the SAMD21 with 1Ms/s ADC and DAC, crypto engine, CAN bus, SD and MMC controller and running on 1.8v logic levels. AdaFruit will be soon releasing an Arduino compatible board based on this mighty chip.

RageBridge v2

WR-NMP41p40The RageBridge comes at a serious price, but it is for people wanting serious control over DC motors. It can control 2 DC motors at 40A continuous or 90A burst on a 8 to 40v DC supply. Control is via UART, RC radio or analog.

Pi Desktop

WR-NMP41p41Over at SparkFun they have the Pi Desktop on back-order. This is an ABS enclosure with heatsink, RTC, power management, and Pi hat with on-board mSATA port. Nice.

Realtek Ameba Board

WR-NMP41p42I’ve mentioned the RealTek Ameba several times in past Weekly Roundups, (40, 39, 35 & 18). SparkFun now have the Ameba Board in stock.

GeoFence – GPS Boundary Widget

WR-NMP41p43A GeoFence is a virtual boundary based on GPS location. This board allows you to easily create one. Runs an ATmega328P, LiPo battery management, RTC, and a Titan X1 GPS module.


WR-NMP41p44Over at DigiKey there is the BeagleBone X15 board, which is an expensive SBC, but has 2G DDR3 RAM, 4GB eMMC, 2x GbE ports, 3x USB3.0, eSATA, mSATA, SD, 2x C66 DSPs, 2x Cortex-M4 MCUs and 4 Programmable real-time units. This is a board built for real-time applications and allows you to create software defined peripherals and video encoding and decoding.