Weekly Roundup #41 – New Maker Products // News


Over at Tindie you won’t find any teapots.


WR-NMP41p19The PiPixel is a simple enough Pi hat with logic level converter that allows you to drive WS2812 LEDs up to 5A between 3 to 24 volts. So that means you can drive 12v based LED strips.

Differential thermostat for DIY solar systems

WR-NMP41p20If you’re getting into solar water heating, then this one looks pretty good. Supports several temperature sensors and allows you to switch two mains relays based on certain conditions.

ESP8266 Frog Board

WR-NMP41p21If you’ve ever wanted to program up a bunch of ESP8266 modules then you’ll know how annoying it is with the smaller pad spacing. This board will allow you to slot in an ESP board using those funky bendy wire holder thingies. They call them Frogo pins. I call them bendy wire thingies.

1Bitsy ARM Cortex-M4F Dev Board

WR-NMP41p22The STM32 is a nice MCU, although it started off pretty badly. This breakout board is for the STM32F415 which is clocked at 168MHz with 192KB RAM, and 1MB flash and exposes almost everything from that MCU.

Black Magic Probe

WR-NMP41p23This next board is a JTAG and SWD debugger. Has logic level shifting, supporting 1.7v to 5v targets and can provide 3.3, 100mA to to the target. It is compatible with almost all the IDEs and supports the full range of STM32, LPC11 and LM3S MCUs.

MAX9814 Microphone Module for Teensy

WR-NMP41p24This is handy mic amplifier based on the MAX9814 designed to slot on to a Teensy with DC power filtering and analog output biasing of 0.6v.

High-speed AD9854 DDS signal generator module

WR-NMP41p25The AD9854 digital synthesizer is a pretty decent chip with built-in high speed 48bit quadrature DAC, I and Q synthesizer. You can tune it to a resolution of 1uHz on the 4 output channels with a 300MHz input clock. If you need some signal generation, then this looks pretty decent.

Pi-BB-RPS Redundant Power Supply

WR-NMP41p26The next couple are a bunch of Pi power solutions.

This one is a UPS of sorts for your Pi, with a 7 to 24 volt DC input or microUSB input. It’ll switch over to whichever is providing power. There’s a simple GPIO for status.

Pi-UpTime UPS

WR-NMP41p27Then there’s this one which has space for two 18650 batteries. The creator claims he can run a Pi3 for 15 hours on two 2Ah batteries.


WR-NMP41p28And this one is powered prototyping board for the Pi.

18650 Pi Partner

WR-NMP41p29And another one providing 18650 battery power. This one has auto-standby mode and will completely power off the Pi when current drops to less than 30mA for 10 seconds.

Big Rotary Encoder

WR-NMP41p30I’ve been looking for a large dial that I can use while editing videos. This one looks pretty decent. It’s a precision rotary encoder with on-board ATmega168 that I’ll be able to program up to simulate a USB device.