Weekly Roundup #41 – New Maker Products // News

This week’s Weekly Roundup is a bit quiet. A few SBCs from some new comers, motor drivers, power control boards, a rogue teapot and I know at least one of my subs is keeping track of how many times I say WiFi.


First up on Kickstarter we have …

Arduino High Power H-Bridge Motor Shield

WR-NMP41p1 A pretty grunty H-Bridge Arduino shield. It’s based on two half bridge IR2104S drivers, four 60v, 50A MOSFETs and an ACS712 current sensor to prevent over-current situations.You can drive a 15A inductive load with 0 to 99% PWM in both directions.
It’s all powered from a 7 to 24v input and has a 5V regulator on-board to also power the Arduino. Nice.


WR-NMP41p2The Chromatron is an LED driver board with ESP8266 managing all the interfacing and scripts and an XMega128 handling all the LED driving. It can drive up to 300 LEDs and the creator has made a fairly complete Python API and scripting engine. Once he hits the funding goal he plans to release everything as open source. Seems to be one of the more complete LED controllers around.


WR-NMP41p3CrazyPi is yet another robotics board, but like the Chromatron, seems to be one of the more complete products. This one has a lot of grunt. Running a Rockchip RK3128 quad core Cortex-A7 CPU with 1G DDR3 RAM, 16G eMMC, WiFi, Bluetooth, SoundWave, and all the input/output expansion options, as well as a Cortex-M3 MCU, motion and temperature sensors. So it’s essentially a small SBC the size of a credit card for around US$29. Nice. The CrazyPi Advanced kit chassis, wheels, 4G LTE, 4K/s LIDAR, 18650 battery housing, and 2 axis camera mount allowing 720p video streaming for US$466. Even better. Comes with Ubuntu & ROS pre-installed. You can either run this board as a plain SBC, or as a Robotics platform supporting SLAM and object tracking.


Nothing really interesting on IndieGoGo this week again, …


… but Crowd Supply …


WR-NMP41p4has a campaign in pre-launch that started out as a HackADay project. It’s a stand-alone VT100 terminal that supports USB and PS2 based keyboards and a 5v tolerant UART. Has the 80 by 48 character display and even has an on-board bell sound. This is one handy thing to have in your toolbox.