Weekly Roundup #39 – New Maker Products // News

Back from vacation and this Week’s Roundup is chock full of stuff! Lot’s of SBCs, plus #LibreComputer #SandmanDoppler #Parral #BuzzBox #tinyLiDAR #NanoPi @h3droid #tinyFPGA.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vrb4SIvJE6o&w=640&h=360]


On Kickstarter there is …


WR-NMP39p1…, of course, the usual bucket load of spinners…

6DOF Electronic Interface for Motion Simulator Platform

WR-NMP39p2But, this next one will interest one of my subs. It’s a board that controls a 6DOF Stewart motion platform. Has all the IMU and motor controllers on-board so all you need is a Stewart platform… Which is actually the expensive bit. It’s a fairly complete campaign that seems to have been around for at least a year now with this being the updated revision.

Arduino PICO

WR-NMP39p3Back in Weekly Roundup #31 I found the micro Duino, which was a tiny ATmega32U4 measuring 12mm squared.
Here’s another one on Kickstarter called the Arduino PICO, which comes in at a whopping 15mm squared.


WR-NMP39p4If you’re in need of a bucket load of GPIOs the EIE-IO campaign is for a board that pushes out 261 GPIOs off an ATmega32U4 and two GPIO expanders. However, it’s only in prototype stage.

Raspberry Pi ATX Power Board

WR-NMP39p5This next campaign gives you 16 relayed controlled, 12v outputs all controlled from your Pi. Has a standard ATX style connector providing the 12v input and also providing 5v power to the Pi.

The Amazing Shortcut Keypad

WR-NMP39p6Sometimes ideas are so obvious that people ignore them. The Amazing Shortcut Keypad is one of those ideas. It’s a small keypad with each key being programmatically controlled to perform a certain function. For example open your favourite application, move the mouse to a certain position and click. It comes in kit form, but the creator has gone to great lengths to make it pretty easy to get started and looks to be one of the better thought out campaigns. There’s a great video from David Watts on this.

Parral Dev Board

WR-NMP39p7Here’s another breadboard add-on but this one contains a P8X32A chip and a 3.3 or 5v mini power supply. This chip comes from Parallax Inc and is a 32bit MCU with some fancy stuff on it like video interfaces, sensor integration, signal processing and funky thinks like Enhanced Assembly Language that give you conditional execution for individual instructions allowing jitter-free signal generation.


WR-NMP39p8The BuzzBox is a behive sensor that contains what looks like an ESP and a bunch of sensors. It claims to be able to detect and track bee states such as; empty/collapsed, active/normal, pre-swarm, swarm and missing Queen. Hats off to any subs who know what I just said then. If you do, you’re a keeper.


WR-NMP39p9LoRaCatKitty is another ESP8266 board that also contains a LoRa module and three Grove ports. Of course comes with OTA programming and they have made an Android app that you can use to create mobile apps. Compatible with a bunch of LoRa networks.

Le Potato

WR-NMP39p10And we have another SBC on Kickstarter! Most of the SBC manufacturers have now admitted defeat and are using the Raspberry Pi as a standard. So here we have the Libre Computer Board in a very familiar format, but running the Amlogic S905X SoC. Everything is identical to the Pi, except for 2G of RAM, and an optional 64G eMMC and active cooling. It claims to be twice as fast as the Pi3, but once I get my hands on it, I’ll see how it actually performs.

Sandman Doppler

WR-NMP39p11In the late 80s I made a talking alarm clock that I’ve wanted to bring into this millenia. My Patrons voted this as being this months project which is nice, but good timing as this next campaign is exactly what I had in mind. It’s an Alexa enabled alarm clock that you can tell it to wake you up at a specific time in the morning, play music, inadvertently order something expensive on Amazon and a whole lot of other cool things.