Weekly Roundup #38 – New Maker Products // News

This week’s Weekly Roundup shows us lots of FPGA boards, more ESPs and the demise of a Polymath, Inventor and a random guy getting annoyed at caloric theory.


Not many things on Kickstarter this week.

2017 WiFi Badge

WR-NMP38p1If you’re going to DefCon at the end of July this year in The States, then you can pick up an unofficial DefCon 2017 badge on Kickstarter for around $US45 .

DC Crank Set

WR-NMP38p2This next campaign is a small one from someone who’s created 22 already on Kickstarter. It’s a simple board that provides regulated 3.3 and 5 volt outputs from a mechanical crank, allowing you to power an Arduino or even a Raspberry Pi.
Great idea.


WR-NMP38p3While we’re on the topic of alternative power, here’s another Kickstarter for a solar powered battery management board. This board is capable of providing a 1A charge current for LiPos, as well as a constant 1A 5v USB port.
You can query the board from a USB port so you can shutdown safely when battery is low.

Decaf USB Smart LCD

WR-NMP38p4The Decaf is a smart LCD screen that’s based on the PiXCL, which is an interpreted language that allows you to build real time control applications. This first batch of boards are based on a Cortex-M3 with SPI flash, LCD touch screen and USB that allow you to interact with sensors, buttons and switches.


While surprisingly over at IndieGoGo there is…

IntoRobot IoT development kit

WR-NMP38p5… this IoT development kit comes in three “flavours”. The IntoRobot Fig, Fox and Ant.
The Fig contains an ESP32, CP2104 chip and light sensor.
The Fox is the same, but with an STM32 and SIM800C GSM module.
while the Ant uses an STM32 along with a LoRa module.
All of them have UFL antenna connectors as well as onboard antennas and break out all the GPIOs from the MCUs.
They also have an API that works with their IntoRobot Cloud service that allows you to code and program from the Internet.


A couple of things on CrowdSupply this week, but I’ve only included one in this video.


WR-NMP38p6The NanoEVB is yet another FPGA board. This one is based on the Xilinx Artix FPGA in a handy M2 key format.
This will be one to watch when it goes live.