Weekly Roundup #37 – New Maker Products // News

The Cheap Side

Over in China there is…

MPU6050 + STM32

WR-NMP37p47an all-in-one IMU board from BangGood. Contains an MUP6050 IMU and STM32 running a Kalman Filter giving you a fairly accurate motion board.

5.8GHz 3W/4.5W Wireless AV Transmitter

WR-NMP37p48If you want to blast the air-waves then this board can boost a 5 to 6 GHz signal at 4.5W, which is a frequency used for such things as wireless cameras.

6V 2W Photovoltaic Charger Solar Panel

WR-NMP37p49This is something I could have used on my letterbox. It’s a 6v, 2W solar panel with on-board regulator that spits out a constant 5v on a USB socket. Can be used to charge your mobile phone. Maybe.

STM32 Emulator Debugger CMSIS-DA

WR-NMP37p50If you are in to STM32s, then this cheap debugger might come in handy. The only issue I see with it is that it only support a Windows desktop.


WR-NMP37p51If you want to play around with some SMDs, but don’t want to solder, then get some of these. This one can accept a PLCC28 and convert to a plain DIP24 format. Or this one will allow you to solder up SMDs and break out into a DIP16 format.

Mini Step up 0.8-5v to 5v

WR-NMP37p52This is a handy boost converter, that’ll step up a 0.8 to 5v DC input to a steady 5 volts.

433Mhz mini ASK transmitter

WR-NMP37p53Or if you’re in to ASK RF modulation, then you can pick up 20 of them for around 50c each.

SIM5360E 3G Shield

WR-NMP37p54EleCrow have a SIM5360E 3G shield, which is quad band with on-board RTC and supports assisted GPS. Runs off a 5 to 12 volt DC input with a 1mA sleep mode.

FM1702SL RFID Reader Writer

WR-NMP37p55ICstation have a number of RFID breakouts, with a variety of interfaces, like SPI or UART.

3.12″ 256×64 SSD1322 OLED

WR-NMP37p56Or if you’re looking for a decent sized OLED, there’s this 3.1″ 256 by 64 yellow OLED based on the SSD1322 accessible over SPI and powered from 3 to 5 volts.

2.42″ 128×64 SSD1309 OLED

WR-NMP37p57Or this 2.4″ 128 by 64 OLED based on the SSD1309.

FS-VMP-27 voice recorder/player module

WR-NMP37p58This is unusual. A record-able sound module that can be powered from 7 to 24 volts and can record and playback MP3 samples.

4MB recordable voice module

WR-NMP37p59Or this one running off a 7 to 12 volt supply.

Waveshare 296×128 2.9″ eink

WR-NMP37p60DX have this 3.5″ resistive touch LCD screen running from the HDMI port of the Raspberry Pi. It’s a 480×320 pixel display that they claim can do software translation up to 1080p.

Waveshare 3.5″ touch LCD

WR-NMP37p61They also have this 2.9″ 296 by 128 pixel eink display driven via SPI, but is only 3.3v logic level compliant.