Weekly Roundup #37 – New Maker Products // News


There’s a few interesting things over at Tindie this week.


WR-NMP37p22If you’re in to Star Wars or just flashy LED sticks in general the TinySaber is a, well a stick of LEDs, but also with ATtiny841 MCU, LiPo and a snazzy case to fit it all in.

Tiny Arcade Kit

WR-NMP37p23From the same Tindie store is the Tiny Arcade. Which is a kit to build your own, er Tiny Arcade. Contains an ATmega, OLED and some buttons to mash when playing Invaders, Flappy Bird. Oh man, Wolfenstein 3D? I’m feeling sick now.


WR-NMP37p24Here’s another LoRa board that also contains an ATmega328. It breaks out all the GPIOs and allows you to connect to any LoRaWAN near you.

I2S 2-ch MEMS mic

WR-NMP37p25Here’s a board from Microwavemont that contains 2 I2S based MEMs mics.

Teensy VL53L0X

WR-NMP37p26There’s a number of boards based on this VL53LoX time of flight chip. This one allows you to connect it to any version 3 Teensy.

WiFi Deauther

WR-NMP37p27Now I don’t condone this, but this next board allows you to cause a lot of mischief. It allows you to disconnect WiFi clients on an access point using the well known de-auth attack. The end result is that the target device won’t be able to access the WiFi network and you don’t even need to be connected to the access point.

MAX-M8 based GNSS rec

WR-NMP37p28If you want some decent navigation, then this board allows you to connect to GPS, Galileo, GLONASS or BeiDou simultaneously.

Sharp 128 x 128 Memory Display

WR-NMP37p29This is a different type of display. It’s not quite eink and not quite LCD, but has the advantages of both. That is; the low power of eink and the fast refresh rates of LCD. At 1Hz refresh rate it draws only 10uA.

uBoost Single AA to 3.3v supply

WR-NMP37p30If you’re in need of a tiny inverter to power your 3.3v MCU, then this small one looks good. Can supply a steady 3.3 volts from a 0.8 to 3.6 volt supply with an adjustable current up to 100mA.

Opto-isolated USB-FTDI

WR-NMP37p31There’s times when you need to opto-isolate your FTDI connection. Especially when dealing with Sonoff devices. If you don’t want to worry about frying the USB on your PC, get one of these.

AdaFruit, Seeed, SparkFun, DFRobot, DigiKey

Loitor Cam2pc Visual-Inertial SLAM

WR-NMP37p32Seeed have this pretty interesting camera module with inbuilt IMU that is similar to the PixyCAM. It handles all the grunt work of keeping track of objects whilst the device is moving. Contains a 6050 IMU and dual CMOS camera capable of analyzing at up to 65 FPS over USB.

Z1 Platform

WR-NMP37p33The Z1 platform is a development board aimed at wireless sensor networks and runs a MIPS CPU with 8KB RAM, 92KB flash, Bluetooth CC2420 and can be powered from coin cell, double As or USB. Also has on-board Phidget sensors.

RaZberry Z-wave

WR-NMP37p34The RaZberry is a board that will turn your Pi into a Z-Wave gateway. Runs the Sigma Designs ZM5202 transceiver with a range of 150m outdoors or 100m indoors.

Water Flow Sensor YF-B1

WR-NMP37p35Seeed also have a bunch of water flow sensors, like this hall effect one capable of sensing up to 25L/min.

Water Pressure Sensor G1/4 1.2MPa

WR-NMP37p36Or this water pressure sensor able to measure up to 2.4Mpa.

Allpixel Mini

WR-NMP37p37Want any easy way of controlling LED strips? This board allows you to control all the popular strips from a USB port. Also has on-board DC jack so you don’t have to fiddle around with powering them.

USB-CAN Analyzer

WR-NMP37p38This CAN analyzer looks pretty good. Can send or receive CAN baud rates up to 1M and has integrated surge protection. Good for if you want to roll your own vehicle OBD device.

pyboard Color touch LCD

WR-NMP37p39Over at AdaFruit they have a 160 by 128 pixel colour LCD with resistive touch that connects to a pyboard and can handle a 30 fps update.

Adafruit PiOLED – 128×32 mono OLED

WR-NMP37p40Or this small 128×32 OLED that connects to a Pi Zero. Runs the SSD1306 chipset and only uses the I2C bus.

Adafruit 128×64 OLED

WR-NMP37p41Or this 128×64 OLED using the same chipset, but with two buttons and small 5 way joystick.

Qwiic Water-Resistant OLED

WR-NMP37p42Over at SparkFun they have a Qwiic based water resistant OLED display which is encased in resin to avoid moisture getting in.

ESP32 Thing Power Control Shield

WR-NMP37p43If you have an ESP32 Thing, then this power shield will allow you to power it from a wide 5 to 28 volt DC supply. There’s also three MC33926 motor drivers capable of driving a 30A load. If you’re drawing that sort of current make sure you whack on some heatsinks.

FireBeetle ESP32

WR-NMP37p44DFRobot have a range of ESP32 based products called the FireBeetle. This one is the ESP32 board with on-board LiPo management,

FireBeetle Covers-Gravity I/O Expansion Shield

WR-NMP37p45and then you have this Gravity I/O shield.

HyperPixel for Pi

WR-NMP37p46Looking for a hi-res TFT display for your Pi? Pimoroni have the HyperPixel, which is a 3.5″, 800 by 480 pixel capacitive touch display capable of 60 fps. Bolts straight on to any Pi. This uses the DPI interface to allow it to get those blazing speeds.