Orange Pi PC2: A 64bit gremlin? // Review

So, yet another Orange Pi board called the PC2. It’s sporting the new 64bit quad core Allwinner H5 MCU. Is this really a good idea?

As you’ll find out in this video, things aren’t always what they seem. There’s a number of issues that have yet to be fixed and Orange Pi are relying very heavily on the community to fix them. Unfortunately, Allwinner aren’t being too helpful on the H5.


So, here we have the brand spanking new Orange Pi PC2. This is one of the very few boards to be running the new Allwinner H5 SoC.orangepipc2-back orangepipc2-frontThe H5 is a pretty impressive chip running a 64 bit quad core Cortex A53, with floating point unit, and also the Mali450 which is a 6 core GPU. It should leave skid marks on your desk, but as we’ll find out later there are some issues.orangepipc2-h5a It has other cool stuff like an array of memory interfaces, 3 SD or MMC controllers, orangepipc2-h5b high speed timers, RTC, 12 DMA channels, PWM,orangepipc2-h5c temperature sensor, (which is critical these days on fast CPUs), spinlocks, crypto engines, orangepipc2-h5d UARTs, SPI, I2C. Essentially everything you will need in a common garden variety small MCU these days.orangepipc2-h5eSo, what do we have on this Uber board from Orange Pi?orangepipc2-topbits1 orangepipc2-topbits2on the flip side there’s just a bunch of passives and the SD slot.

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