MickMake Mail #20: SAMG53, SAM4S & Anet 3D printer // News

Not much coming in to the MickMake studios this week so I delve in to a 3D printer I received from BangGood a couple of weeks back.

SAM4S Xplained Pro

I bought a couple of these for a project I’m working on that relies heavily on ultra low power consumption. So, two boards to play with.

The SAM4S has:

  • 120MHz Cortex-M4.
  • 2M program flash.
  • 160KB RAM.
  • DSP / FPU onboard.
  • SD/eMMC – can execute code from SD & eMMC support.
  • 3.3v logic.
  • SPI, I2C, USB2.0 host and device mode.
  • 22 DMA channels.
  • 15 ADC channels at up to 1Msps.
  • RTC.
  • 79 GPIOs with hardware debouncing filters.
  • Peripheral Pin Select Crossbar.
  • Sleep mode down to 1uA.

SAMG53 Xplained Pro

and then there’s the SAMG53.

  • 48MHz Cortex-M4.
  • 512KB program flash.
  • 96KB RAM.
  • Similar to the ATSAM4S except without SD/eMMC.
  • Fewer DMA channels.
  • and only 38 GPIOs.
  • Sleep mode down to 1uA.

Stay tuned for some MickMake products hitting the shelves soon!

Anet® A6 3D Printer

Then there was the Anet A6 printer that had been sitting around for some time. So, decided to put it together. Putting it all together was pretty straight-forward. There are two videos that will last an hour. I suggest making it as you watch it.

Alas, no grub screws in one of the steppers.

The screen was a little dodgy, but not a huge drama.

And I was little worried about the mains setup on the power supply.But, I was impressed by the level of documentation this printer had.

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