How to make the live streaming Christmas Tree Game. // Project

Running it

I also wrote a quick and dirty perl script that would fire off random snowballs if noone was online.


    system("echo $r | netcat localhost 1234 >/dev/null");
    print STDERR ("$r\n");

    system("echo $r | netcat localhost 1234 >/dev/null");
    print STDERR ("$r\n");


I could also throw snowballs from my phone as well.

For this I used an app called “SSH Control” which allows you to send arbitrary TCP data to servers.


So a few interesting stats for you.

Over the course of a week and a bit, around 700 of you threw over 30,000 snowballs.

Unfortunately I forgot to record how many times Santa was hit. So that’s going to remain a mystery forever.

Let me know in the comments below if you made one yourself. It’d be great to see how you did it and what mods you made to it.

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