How to make the live streaming Christmas Tree Game. // Project


On to testing! I connected up all the strips and temporarily powered it up from my bench power supply. Current draw was fairly reasonable at around 300mA.

The Teensy appeared as the usual serial device on my Linux PC, so a simple matter of sending commands to the Teensy like this. Poor Santa! Didn’t stand a chance.

I was interested to see how much current draw was required when there were lots of dead Santas. It was a fairly respectable 400mA, nothing too strenuous.

So this was the PC supply I ended up using. Fairly basic one that didn’t require a 12v load for it to work. Connected it up and powered it on.

Yup looks good. You can see poor old Santa dancing around trying to avoid the Elf snowballs.

The web interface was fairly trivial to create as well. I used JavaScript buttons to load up a PHP script which communicated to my Linux PC.