How to make the live streaming Christmas Tree Game. // Project


I found a box that would fit the Teensy and marked out some veroboard to cut to size. I used a dremmel with a disc blade, which went through it fairly quickly.

Then trimmed up the sides a bit so it’d fit snugly.

Next to mark out where I’ll be cutting the tracks and used a Dremmel ball bit to remove the tracks. Leaving some of the tracks intact to be used for power and ground.

Next you’ll need to cut the USB power line on the Teensy. This is important as you don’t want to have power being supplied from USB as well as the standalone 5V power supply.

You can double check that you’ve completely cut it by plugging it in to a PC and it shouldn’t appear.

I then soldered the Teensy directly to the Veroboard instead of using header blocks as I wasn’t going to reuse it at all.

Since the power and ground lines will potentially carry a lot of current I applied a thick layer of solder to avoid any magic smoke.

Moving on to the LED strips. The ones I bought had a male and female connector on each end, so I cut the far end off on all of the strips, stripped and tinned up the wires, and started to solder each one to the power lines I’d created.

If I was doing it again I’d leave the solder thickening of the power and ground until after I’d soldered everything up.

Next on to soldering up each of the data lines. Make sure you wire up the strips in order otherwise the display will look a bit funny.

and there we have it. all the LED strip connectors wired up.

Next to wire up the power and ground wires to the Teensy. If I was doing this again I wouldn’t place the LED strip wires so close to the Teensy 5v pin.

Next on to the power connector. I used a standard Molex type, (as I was intending on using a standard PC power supply which would have plenty of juice), and cut the 12v lines which aren’t needed.

I made two holes for the power and ground wires in the case, poked them through

and soldered up to the two power lines I’d created.

I created 5 holes on the side for the LED strip cables to poke out. Then shoved everything in to the case as best I could, making sure that the LED strip wires were in the correct order.

There you go! I neat little package that won’t catch fire.