How to make the live streaming Christmas Tree Game. // Project


The LED strips are the basic addressable type. Just be careful that you connect up the right end. Data flows this way through the strip.

Connecting up to a Teensy is simple enough as well. I used Paul Stoffregen’s excellent OctoWS library.

Just make sure that you connect up in the right order.

I was a bit concerned about just how much current these strips will draw. So I loaded up a rainbow example sketch. Oh heck. Just two strips was drawing an average of 2.4A. I had 60 LEDs per strip. They wouldn’t be able to go any longer I reckon as the very thin flexible track wouldn’t be able to hold the current.

Interestingly enough you can ramp down the max current, but there’s a point where the green and blue LEDs stop working and you’re just left with RED. Around 1A for 120 LEDs was the absolute minimum. Any lower and things get funky.

So I coded up my little Christmas Tree game which I could throw snowballs just by typing in a number using a serial terminal. Just with those LEDs it drew around 100mA. Nice.

Now time to make it more permanent.