Make a PCB from scratch using EasyEDA // Part 2 // Tutorial

Powering up

Now that you have your board all soldered up, time to program it. My Super Duper PCB is based on the SAMD21. If you want to know how to flash a boot-loader for the Arduino IDE or just roll your own code from scratch, then check out two of my videos on this that’ll have you up and running in a couple of minutes.


If you want to make your own boards then I highly recommend using EasyEDA to design it and then ordering the PCBs through their sister company JLCPCB.
You can’t go past the offer of getting 10 PCBs for only $2 and at the moment they are offering a $20 shipping discount on your first order.

So, there you have it. You now have everything to make your own PCBs from scratch.

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