6 SBCs to kick off 2016

The Jaguarboard is really more of the same, claiming to be “like Raspberry Pi but with better performance and x86 architecture”. Don’t expect it to be “like a Raspberry Pi” however as it does not support the Pi2 GPIO header. This made it’s debut on kickstarter end of December 2015 and just managed to limp to it’s target at the end of January 2016. Just.

This board runs an Intel Atom Z3735G quad core CPU clocked at 1.83Ghz and has 1G DDR3 RAM, and 16G eMMC storage with an additional TransFlash SDHC socket.

The usual connections are supported; HDMI, USB, 100Mbit ethernet, I2C, 2x UART. Only 3 USB 2.0 ports are provided. Additional features include “ATX style” power control, audio in.out, 4 GPIO pins, and 2 volume control buttons.

It runs Linux, Android and Windows 8.1. Linux support seems to be far better on this compared to the other SBCs.

This is the worst of all the boards on this list. The only redeeming features of this SBC is the TransFlash capability, and Linux support, but I’m sure there’s a market for it somewhere. I won’t hold my breath.

– CPU: Quad-core Intel Atom Z3735G.
– Storage: microSD and TransFlash.
– Video: HDMI.
– Voltage: 5v @ 2A.
– Power: Micro USB.
– Network: 100Mbit ethernet.
– USB: 3x 2.0.
– GPIO: 4.
– OS: Android, Linux and Windows 8.
– Size: “ATX” whatever that means.

Pros: Hmmmm. TransFlash and Linux support.
Cons: Minimal features. Seems to be a poor attempt at matching what’s already there.
Summary: Not sure what this board would be good for.

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