Embedded World 2016 Nuremberg

This year Embedded World will be running from the 23rd to 25th of February in Nuremberg. For those who have already booked your trip the following is a taste of what you will see. For those who aren’t going, (myself included)…. well we just have to think happy thoughts.

New Products Weekly Review: 19th February 2016

Not much happening in the world of embedded electronics, but a few surpises. There were also a couple of interesting KickStarter projects that were missed from last week that have been included. Read on…..

Aldi’s 3D printer for only AU$499

Wait, what? Did you say a fully functional 3D printer for only AU$499! Yes indeed. At that price, if you have the cash on hand, get it. Read on….

Latest Store Products: 15th February 2016


Updated every Monday: Summary of new or updated products released by the most popular stores worldwide.

New Products Weekly Review: 12th February 2016

This week has seen a few new products released by manufacturers, but nothing out of this world. Read on….

6 SBCs to kick off 2016

It would seem that the Single Board Computer, (SBC), has reached it’s popularity peak, (or almost at it’s peak). A look at the top three crowd funding websites GoFundMe, KickStarter and IndieGoGo tells the tale. Here are some of the more interesting SBCs that you can find.

The start of something good.


The start of something good. Hopefully this site will be as rewarding to the regulars as it will be to me. Let’s see…..