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Thinking of supporting MickMake?

By supporting me you enable me to produce regular website content and videos on my YouTube channel. The more supporters I have the more content I can produce. It’d be nice to be able to do this full-time, but I still have to rely on contract work. Any support you provide, will inch me closer to that goal.

Producing videos takes a long time. Especially considering I try to maintain a very high production quality. For example: my Weekly Roundup of New Maker Products takes 16 to 20 hours to produce end to end. However, I provide videos like this as I see that it’s a huge benefit to the Maker community.

There’s also the running costs keeping the lights on, which isn’t cheap! So, any support you can provide helps greatly.

Here you can pledge a monthly amount to support this channel. See below for details.

Perl Patrons $1.00 per Month. Select
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What do you get?

All levels

All the below levels come with access to my channel and special content on this website.

Additionally, I provide all my supporters the ability to vote on the video schedule. Every month I’ll release a list of video topics that you can vote on. Every $ is counted as a vote. So, the more you pledge, the more you have a say in the schedule. (Note: that sometimes I cannot guarantee the ordering due to work/family commitments, but I will try.)

$5/month and up

All previous rewards plus…

Access to published videos and website content a day before the public sees it. As well as access to non-public content that I produce, (behind the scenes or “how did he do it?”).

$10/month and up

All previous rewards plus…

I’m a busy man. Between contract work and running a YouTube channel and website solo, but you’ll grab my attention with these reward levels.

Need assistance with anything? Or just a general chat? Will be glad to have you aboard!